Fistful of Christ

  1. …Bloodshed Begin
  2. Fistful of Christ
  3. Promised Land of Lies
  4. Upon the Grave of Angel’s Wing
  5. Halo of Suffering
  6. Requiem of the Condemned
  7. The Funeral Ages

Thy Martyrdom Come

  1. Dying Time is Nigh
  2. One Abomination Under God
  3. Lives for an Eye
  4. Thy Martyrdom Come
  5. Enslaving Grace
  6. Stillborn Again
  7. Damnation Rain
  8. Dies Solis Invicti Nati (instrumental)

Offical Videos


The Metal Crypt Interview with John Devos (2013)


Voices From the Darkside – “Thy Martyrdom Come”
Voices From the Darkside – “Fistful of Christ”
The Metal Crypt – “Thy Martyrdom Come”
The Metal Crypt – “Fistful of Christ”

Funeral Age were in studio guests on KISW’s Metal Shop on September 17, 2011. Click the links below and listen in!